"satisfied to stay simple
in a peaceful presence"

Virginia is a Colorado artist with international roots. From a background of thoroughbred racehorses and life on a vast and remote estancia in the Argentine cordillera of Patagonia, she finds her inspiration.

Her art of the equine subject is acclaimed internationally and hangs in the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in Saratoga Springs, New York. Ginny's art is on tour for "Creativity Heals" to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1976, Virginia has found strength and healing through her art pursuits and strives to use her creative talents to aid in the healing of others. As an educator, Ginny enjoys sharing the creative process with her programs, "Awareness through Art" and "Artists for the Earth." Her paintings and prints are collected internationally and have supported the efforts of many health and environmental organizations around the world


Ginny in the 70's Ginny in the 80's Ginny in the 90's
Ginny in the 2000's    

El Desafio---The Challenge
March 2013
I have never felt so constantly challenged as I do these last years---64 on March 7. Relapsing-remitting  MS since 1976. Also my tears of compassion, empathy,  uncontrolled spilling from my eyes---yes, sadness buried inside for  years …always trauma, whether multiple deaths and illness of loved ones , the degradation of our precious Mother Earth or  various times of paralysis and the loss of my own body functions prematurely…---out of my 64 years, I can count few happy ones. Of course there were happy days , months, some years allowing  relief, renewal ….I choose to not see it as a  constant struggle….focus on the positive, smile….Adelante, forward….MS-Multiplied Sensitivity.

Fake it  til I make it….why not? It feels better and makes others smile. I cannot let my true feelings show not even in my art------just my unending flow of tears. Those tears are the real me and when I create ….bring ideas to fruition, draw, paint---that brings me home, connects me to my source…..


Art Exhibition
El Desafio - The Challenge






Ginny at local cafe Ginny at local cafe

Sharing and Helping Heal Others.....

I'm so enjoying drawing in my favorite cafes in San Martin, and with my wonderful friends.I call it "visual journaling", that's how I record each day, it's all part of 'Creativity Heals Therapy', or sometimes I call it 'Expressive Arts therapy'.

Ginny doing visual journally in the San Martin local cafés. To know more about Ginny's current life go to her Facebook page.


Palliative Care

I am finding much joy and love working with palliative (paliativo) caretakers and hospice workers.


Making mosaic tile gifts with my friends at Palliative Care Center

On love and healing.

On love and healing and crazy connections from opposite hemispheres with similar souls.
Written by the Two Virginias

Healing is different things to different persons, as matters we seek healing from are different for us all.

Life’s lessons learned in healing from hard times.  The power of reaching out.  Helping others through care and compassion.  Oddly enough, we find wonderful capacity of healing when we turn our attentions from own troubles, be they physical, mental or a combination thereof, towards someone else.  In helping others, we do in turn help ourselves.  But finding the authenticity in our motives is essential.  When our caring becomes complete – fully for the pure good of the other person – magical things happen.  Depression may be lifted.  And we may walk again. Read more...

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