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The Healing Power of Creativity
Carbondale Council for Arts and Humanities Exhibition


A proposal for an exhibit of paintings called the Healing Power of Creativity will feature the works of talented valley artists. The exhibition demonstrates how the process of art can add to the healing/therapeutic milieu and how expressing yourself through art can be a creative and regenerative activity. the three artists in this show approach creativity from different perspectives but all share the commonality of using the artistic process as a means of balancing and healing the human soul life.

A version of this exhibit was displayed in April 2005 at the Carbondale Council for Arts and Humanities with an accompanying lecture series and hands-on workshop that could also be adapted and included for this exhibition. The exhibit is now showing at the Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs. This hospital is part of the larger network of Planetree Hospitals where exposure to the arts is values as part of the healing process. This may be adopted as a model for a traveling show to 95 nation-wide Planetree Hospitals.

It can be shown that the practice of art is an activity that develops ego control of intuition and intellect with skill and grace, integrating eye/limb coordination which helps re-integrate the whole human being in a holistically dynamic manner. The human sensory system is a primary source of cognitive life in which the arts can play a vital role in the proper establishing of mind-body coordination. The mind needs content to reflect upon, and the senses supply that content. The process of creative work integrates the inner and outer worlds of content and perception creating a reality of synchronistic duality and meaningful wholeness that help establish the individual within the matrix of society. In clinics an hospitals, it's acknowledged that the practice of the arts in a therapeutic modality can quicken the process of healing of various disorders and illnesses ranging from physical to psychological.


Charles Andrade   www.lazure.com

Charles Andrade, Artist/Lazure painter has made the world of Color the primary focus of design and execution in his wall work and his fine art work. Trained as an artists and then as an art therapist he understands how color affects human psychology from a creative and therapeutic standpoint. Charles' luminous canvas work invites the viewer to breathe in the subtle nuance of color finding regenerative qualities. His unique wall glazing technique, learned while studying art therapy in England addresses a similar consideration with the relationship between color and healing.

Virginia Neary Carrithers   www.creativityheals.org

Virginia Carrithers, is a Colorado artist with international roots. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1976, Virginia has found strength and healing through her art pursuits and strives to use her creative talents to aid in the healing of others. Her paintings and prints are collected internationally and have supported the efforts of many health and environmental organizations around the world.

Sheri Gaynor, LCSW/REAT   www.sherigaynor.com

Sheri Gaynor is a Licensed clinical Social Worker and a Registered Expressive Arts Candidate. She uses the practice of expressive arts in psychotherapy as an important tool to enhance health and healing. Ms. Gaynor is the owner of Metamorphosis Expressive Arts and Healing Studio in Carbondale, CO where she supports women's healing journeys through the use of the expressive arts and creativity.