"satisfied to stay simple in a peaceful presence"

After darkness comes a new Life
a new chance for Love, Light, Art.
These images come from the energy and sparkle of renewed Spirit.

The spirit is captured in the words of a letter written to Dr. William Evans:

My dear doctor,

It is spring, it is in the air and seeping from the earth.

We are both rejuvenating, it has been 7 years of darkness for me – the medieval ages – and now I enter my Renaissance. Like the collapse of the roman empire spread too thin, so hard the demise of my marriage. From the northern hemisphere to the southern…..hundreds of thousands of acres in both countries. Too rich, too much – I was consumed by the magnificence, the grandeur, and the primal contact with our mother earth…

I felt as I had been plucked from the Greek golden ages, conquered by a Roman Emperor, granted vast kingdoms to reign over. ….. I was dizzy with the expansion and the birth of my precious child.

The Emperor plundered the spoils, debauchery ensued. The empire was collapsing…..my self respect and honor being tested as never before.
I took our child and left the man I still loved.
My heart wrenched in pain, my soul confused.

In this epoch we call it Divorce. What does our spirit, our soul, name it? Pain, freedom, confusion….the list is vast….the dark ages of my spirit began….




But now it is Spring…
and the 8 years of darkness are past.
It is the renaissance of my spirit,
my soul, the light has returned…
It is the time of the daring daffodil .




The budding and bursting tulips.
Life manifests in all its potential,
the fullness, the beauty, the fragile delicacy

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