"satisfied to stay simple in a peaceful presence"

Creativity Heals

"The challenge for each of us is to bring creativity into our lives....
TO BEGIN, daily - just a scribble, a color, a thought put on paper - anything that helps get ourselves out of our insides where we can reach out, express, release, and work through the fears by simply creating." ......
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National MS Society Calendar


In its 2003 calendar, the National MS Society is proud to present the paintings, drawings and photographs of fifteen outstanding professional artists who are united by the common challenge of multiple sclerosis.
"After 26 years of living with MS, I find that my drawing hand grows ever more numb and my legs and eyes weaker. Yet always, my spirit searches and will not quit until I find another way......my art is an inner, resilient core, a flame that never completely extinguishes..."
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Aspen Center for Integrated Health
Thunderball - James Bond Gala Fundraiser

The Aspen Center for Integrative Health is a center for emerging ideas in integrative, preventive, and environmental medicine, and for the promotion of health for life. This years fundraising event included silent and live auctions, casino, dinner and dancing.

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CCAH presents
Art and Healing
Color in Art
Exhibit, Workshop and Lecture Series

"The Healing Power of Creativity:
Connecting to the Eternal Fire within."

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Creativity Heals -
A Non-Profit Foundation
Ongoing Projects

Creativity Heals is a multi media arts program founded with the mission to inspire, to teach, and to reach as many people as possible of all ages, race and religion, world-wide with the message of the "Healing Power of Creativity". We believe that art in its various forms is a universal language understood by all. Art is of the spirit and has no physical boundaries. It goes deeper than words and has the ability to transform whatever challenges are before us.

Creativity Heals, a non-profit foundation, actively participates in exhibitions, workshops, lectures, performances, educational facilities, hospitals and various care centers to serve as a lighthouse in turbulent and confusing storms of life when we are feeling alone and abandoned with no beacon of light to guide us. Sharing the process of creating helps to link us to our resilient core, our life force, the link to the divine, creative spark of life - our source. That source is our sustenance.