"satisfied to stay simple in a peaceful presence"


Folsom public library run by Granny Diece Pittman


Tautog Farm, Folsom, LA


Abandon Sea Shore Cajun Cottage

Local Folsom gas station owned and run by JC Pittman and family - favorite hangout!


Cajun Cottage

Old Apple Tree 1970


Deep in the heart of the hidden vastness of the northern Patagonia Andean cordillera like the magic lands known as Ranquilco. It is a place beyond dreams where winds and waters mate in a dance swirling through the golden air of yesteryear - a place outside of time.

Here, atop a cliff over the Trocoman River is the casco, headquarters of the Estancia Ranquilco and home of POWER - Patagonia One World Earth Reserve.




Folsom, Louisiana

These first four works of art represent to me and several others some of the most pivotal years in my  life. I was training racehorses in  Folsom, Louisiana, in the 1970's right before my first MS attack.