"satisfied to stay simple in a peaceful presence"

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Ginny's first Visual Journally piece 1968 - 30"X40" Oil




Visual Journalling

I have kept a journal since I was 18 years old. Primarily hand written without art. Now I find that the art comes first and the writing is secondary, as art goes deeper than words. Instead of simply reflecting on words and emotions, doing art puts me in an active role of transforming the experiences. Now that my right hand is growing more numb and unable to do detailed work, I am still able to create if I work large and very free using the left hand. MS - Messenger of Spirit - as my right hand loses feeling, it tells me to grow looser and freer and let go of control. This part of my life is all about letting go of control - that there's a higher power than my SELF and I must surrender to this higher power.